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Dodatki do gier Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon - Mounted characters set - sundrop
Dodatki do gier

Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon - Mounted characters set - sundrop

Cena: 195,00 zł 195.00
Wysyłka w: 24 godziny
Koszty dostawy: Sprawdź koszty
Kod produktu: 5907222999479_sun
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Opis produktu
This Add-on includes 13 mounted heroes’ collectors models prepainted in SUNDROP. All mounted models are in same scale as Core Box heroes.
On pictures you can see 6 finished models and concepts for remaining 7 models – those are still work in progress. 
This addon is purely cosmetic and does not include any additional gameplay elements but will make a great addition to your collection ;)
To learn more about the Sundrop please check the Kickstarter project update covering the necessary info about it!:
All types of models (heroes/monstets etc) will be painted with Sundrop in same way according to samples from pictures. We tested different colors and techniques but we think this one works best for Tainted Grail models. Monster models may have additional blood effects painted but we first need to check them in mass production. Please note that these are pre production samples and final color and finish may be slightly different. If you are not sure if Sundrop is a good option for you we suggest not to take it. 


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