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European orders

Yes, we ship to other european countries! Right now our shop is not set up for you to order directly through the website, so here is a short instruction on how to process the order.

Check if we can ship to you

We ship only to european countries that are part of the European Union. This means that unfortunately we do not ship to countries such as USA, Great Britain, Switzerland, Russia etc. We are sorry if you live outside of the EU.

Write to get shipping costs

We ship only via registered courier service. The cost of shipping depends on the weight and destination. So please write to us at [email protected] with a list of things you want and we will write back with the shipping costs. Please provide the country, postal code and city for shipping. We do not need more info at this point.

Some sample prices to most popular countries are:
Parcels up to 2kg

  • Czech Republic - 32pln (around 7 euro)
  • Germany - 30pln (around 6,5 euro)
  • Slovakia - 31pln (around 7 euro)
  • France - 52pln (around 11,5 euro)
  • Spain - 58pln (around 13 euro)

Parcels up to 9kg

  • Czech Republic - 44pln (around 9,5 euro)
  • Germany - 53pln (around 11,5 euro)
  • Slovakia - 53pln (around 11,5 euro)
  • France - 90pln (around 20 euro)
  • Spain - 130pln (around 28,5 euro)

Accept the order

If the price of shipping is acceptable, reply agreeing with the costs. Provide full shipping details (with phone number) and specify the payment method from the below list:

1. Paypal - please provide the Paypal email. We will create a receipt inside Paypal. An additional 4% Paypal fee will be added to the order.

2. Credit/debit card - we wil send you a link to the payment broker for cards.

3. Money transfer - we have a Euro account. We will provide you with the Euro price according to the current exchange rate. Below are the bank details

Account holder: Mepel Piotr Grzywna
Account number: PL49249010570000990295472584
Transfer details: order number


Wait for confirmation

We will reply confirming the order. We will create the order for you in our system and provide you with the order number. A link to the payment broker will be provided here too if necessary.

Confirm payment

Once you make the payment please confirm it in an email. Orders created manually will not be automatically marked as paid so this will speed up the process.

Wait for your parcel

We will pack the order and ship it. You will get notification sin polish about the status. In one of the emails you will get the tracking number too. If you have any questions please let us know. We usualyy ship within 24 hours from the payment confirmation.

In the future we will optimize our shop for EU orders. You will be able to go through the whole process from our website so it will get much easier. But for now this is the way to go.

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