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European orders

Yes, we ship to other european countries! We do not have an english version of our website yet but you can make the order and process it through our store.

Where do we ship

We ship to all countries of the European Union. Unfortunately this means we do not ship to Great Britain or Switzerland. There is also no free shipping amount outside of Poland at the moment, so the shipping cost will be calculated at checkout for all orders.

How to make the order

Simply put all the stuff you need into the basket. Then choose the country where it needs to be shipped and you will be provided with the price of the courier. Unfortunately there is no cheaper way to ship it at present. We also checked prices using standard Postal Service and in most cases they are higher then those we have for the courier.

Payment methods

The best method of payment is using Paypal. We do not charge any extra fees. You can use your account or you can simply pay via your credit or debit card using the Paypal interface.

You can also send us a standard money transfer. Below are the bank details:

  Payment in Polish Zloty
Account owner: Mepel Piotr Grzywna
Account number: PL 24 1050 1214 1000 0092 4449 1362
Title: order number


Can I pay in euro

Yes, but only by a standard money transfer. For this just make the order, pick money transfer as the payment method and use Google to calculate the euro equivalent. Just type into Google "xxx pln into euro", where xxx is the amount the order is for. Then send the money to the following bank account. Remember to put the order number in the title of the money transfer.

  Payments in euro
Account owner: Mepel Piotr Grzywna
Account number: PL 49 2490 1057 0000 9902 9547 2584
Title: order number


What happens after I order

The order is processed automatically and you will receive details to your mailbox. If you have any problems understanding them feel free to use any translator like Google od DeepL. They do a very good job at it ;) When the order is shipped you will get the tracking number with the link to the tracking system.

We usually prepare the parcels within 24 hours. the courier picks up the package on the next business day. Do it should be on it's way within 2 business days of making the order.

If something goes wrong

If you have any issues making the order or payment, please contact us at our email address found here. All our staff speaks english and we are happy to help you :)

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