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Producent: Lidocreations
Kod produktu: 859573004348


Czas gry 30-150 min.
Język instrukcji angielski, francuski, niemiecki
Wydanie angielskie
Zalecenia wiekowe od 12 lat
Liczba graczy 1-5
Trudność językowa Każdy gracz musi dobrze znać język
angielski Tak


The 1920s: Small City was founded just a few years ago and is still a fledgling town at this stage. Nonetheless, the Town Center is prosperous, and the managers of the weird CliniC have been duly incarcerated for years by this point. Now it is time to reach a new step: Building a new map transit.

In Tramways, you take the role of one of the managers of the local CliniC who were fired last month when it was discovered that you had acquired wealth on the backs of patients and their poor health. You are now at the head of a team of engineers, ready to build the best and most effective network possible for Small City. Your aim is to find the best places between buildings and citizens so that they can use your networks (and not those of your opponents, who are always ready to buy the most interesting development areas). Be assured that a happy citizen who is able to move where and when he wants will thank the best transport companies. There is nothing that satisfies a chief manager more than seeing citizens happy...

TRAMWAYS is a game for 2–5 players, lasting about 30 minutes per player. It is set in the same world as Small City, also published by Alban Viard in 2015.

The game is divided into six rounds, each of which is divided into two halves:

  • During the first half of a round, players compete to acquire the best development cards to create their most efficient deck. An original auction phase also determines turn order — and being the first player increases your stress level.
  • During the second half, they play a train game, using their deck to try to build a great network between the different buildings of Small City. They try to move passengers without stressing them during the transit, in the end obtaining happiness points, which is the aim of the game.

The more that players use the symbols on their cards, the more actions they can do, but they also increase their stress level at the same time, which leads to negative victory points...


  • 12 Modular boards printed both side Normal and Difficult to make the map of Small City
  • 1 Tramways Schedule board
  • 5 small player boards printed both side Normal and Difficult
  • 106 cards: 20 development cards (D), 25 land cards (L), 16 building cards (B), 30 auction cards (A), 10 generic cards (G) and 5 Rules Reminder Cards (R)
  • 40 meeples in two colors (30 white Citizen meeples, 10 grey Rail Worker meeples)
  • 75 discs in the 5 player colors (15 for each player)
  • 120 rail tiles in the 5 player colors (24 for each player: 12 straights and 12 curves). Each rail tile has a normal side and an upgraded side.
  • 16 Building tiles in 4 colors: 4 Residences, 4 Commerce, 4 Leisure, 4 Industries. Each building has a normal side and an upgraded side.
  • 6 2-sided Hand Limit tiles.
  • 1 Turn marker
  • 20x$1, 16x$5, 16x$25 Coins for money
  • 20 small building tiles (5 green, 5 Blue, 5 Yellow, 5 Red)


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