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The Networks: Executives (edycja Kickstarter)

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Niezależność językowa gier obcojęzycznych Elementy gry zawierają teksty w języku obcym.
To nie jest samodzielna gra. Do gry wymagana jest następująca gra: The Networks
Gra obcojęzyczna Tak


Ta wersja jest edycją Kickstarter. Oprócz gry otrzymasz wszystkie odblokowane cele kampanii!

So you’ve proven your worth in the past. We know you can run an ordinary TV network. Big deal.

We have a bigger challenge for you. Here are 12 unique Network Executives, each with their own weird characteristics. Every Executive has powers, but they also have significant liabilities. Can you master each Executive’s idiosyncrasies, draft the best Season 0 cards, claim your true status as a Mogul, and come out on top?

The Networks: Executives adds three major components to The Networks: Executives, Season 0 Cards, and Mogul Cards.

The Executives are the biggest addition to the game. The expansion comes with 12 Executives in the box. Each one will significantly change the way you play the game by giving you a set of distinct powers and liabilities.

You can play as Flix, which turns your network into a streaming service that lets you consider all your Shows as being in their proper time slots... but every time you switch genres within a time slot, you lose Viewers.

You can play as Beeb, which turns your network into a state-run enterprise that tends to generate revenue. But because you now have a lot of bureaucracy to deal with, you must use a rondel to choose your actions.

You can play as Telethon, which turns your network into a public broadcasting network. You may not hold Ads in your Green Room. But you may hold a telethon once per season to ask other players for money, in exchange for powerful Sponsorship Tokens. If they don't give you money, you get to keep the Sponsorship Token to use yourself.

And so on. With all the Executives in the game, the amount of challenge and replayability grows enormously.

The Season 0 Cards are a new way to begin the game. Instead of everyone starting with similar Shows, Stars, and Ads, you will now begin the game with a draft. Everyone starts with a hand of 4 Season 0 Shows, and chooses one as their 8 pm Show. Most Season 0 Shows get you Stars, Ads, and/or Money, but have no genre and give you no Viewers. Others have a genre and Viewers, but get you nothing else.

Once you've selected your 8 pm Show and received anything it gives you, you'll pass the remaining 3 Season 0 Cards to the player on your left and receive 3 cards from the player on your right. Everyone will now choose their 9 pm Show, and so on.

This starting draft ensures that players begin the game with completely different setups. Some players may begin with a stocked green room, but no Shows with Genres. Other players may get shows with Genres to get a head-start on their Genre Bonus, but with little in their green room.

Why is the race to a Genre Bonus important? Because of the third addition to the game: Mogul Cards. These are effectively supercharged Network Cards. At the start of the game, you'll deal out a number of them to the table equal to the number of players plus one. These will be the only Mogul Cards available in the game; you will not replenish these between Seasons.

You get a Mogul Card by either getting your first 5-Show Genre Bonus, or your second 3-Show Genre Bonus. You can no longer draw Network Cards or trade in money for Viewers after a 5-Show Genre Bonus, but some Mogul Cards still let you do that. 

Mogul Cards even out some lategame swinginess present in the base game and give players a long-term goal to shoot for.

With these three huge additions to the base game, The Networks becomes a much deeper and more replayable game!

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